Who is Kabul Sapphire!

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Kabul Sapphire Trading Company is one of the largest hand-cut and rough precious stone providers in Afghanistan. This company painstakingly and gently extracts its gem stones from mines to ensure their quality and size. Usually, large mining companies destroy their gems while extracting them from the ore using large machines. Since we do not use expensive machines for extracting gems, we can offer our gems at a lower price with superior quality and size. In addition, the gems of this company are extracted from the best mines of Afghanistan, which guarantees high quality and value that you will not find in any other company.

Gemstones Classifications

Kabul Sapphire company classified it's gemstones based on sizes and qualities.

Small Sizes

small size gemstone usually cutted and it's size start from 0.2 - 15 carat

Meduim Sizes

Meduim size gemstones are same cutted, but it's size start from 16.5 - 40 carat

Large Sizes

Large size gemstones are coming in two classes cut or rough, and it's size start from 40.5 - 150 carat

Extra Large Sizes

Extra size gemstones are very rare and expensive, and it's size start from 150.5 - 350 carat

Why choose us?

We believe that we are on the right path in our industry.


We have the largest range of gemstones and provide different options during purchase to our customers.

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Privacy & Security

We are providing a secure way for you to purchase gemstones, making you feel comfortable.

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We are promoting our brand through different channels so you can reach us as you want.

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Some Gemstones

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